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Cooperatives Division (under the aegis Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives)
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Functions of cooperatives division


Functions of the Cooperatives Division


The Co-operatives Division has the following main functions:
(i) provision of legal and institutional framework;
(ii) registration of Co-operative Societies;
(iii) auditing, supervision, inspection and monitoring of co-operative societies;
(iv) coordinating co-operative activities with other institutions;
(v) preparation of programmes and policies for the co-operative sector;
(vi) conception, implementation and monitoring of national co-operative development projects;
(vii) coordination of foreign financial and technical assistance for the implementation of co-operative projects;
(viii) advising and assisting co-operative societies and federations in the implementation of their plans and projects;
(ix) data collection and publication of reports on co-operatives and the Co-operative Movement;
(x) assisting co-operative societies in modernising their activities and in attaining financial and
functional autonomy;
(xi) promoting new management concepts through HRD, training and education within the co-operative sector; and
(xii) promoting and developing the Co-operative Movement in every field of human activities for the economic social and cultural upliftment of the adherents and the community generally.
Section Function
1. Administration
Formulate and implement policies with regard to co-operatives and their development
Carry out overall monitoring of the activities of, and co-ordination between the different sections of the Division
2.Registrar, Co-operative Societies Unit Provision of conducive legal and institutional framework for co-operative development
Ensure the enforcement of and compliance with the Co-operative Societies Act by all co-operative societies
Registration of co-operative societies
Supervision, inspection and monitoring of co-operative societies
Auditing the accounts of co-operative societies
Provision of education and training for the promotion and modernization of the co-operative sector
Settlement of Disputes in Co-operative societies
Liquidation of Co-operative societies
Organisation of Co-operative events
3. Co-operative Development Unit
making proposals for the development of co-operative sector
preparing and drafting sectoral development plans and review of the co-operative sector
assisting in the formulation of policies relating to the co-operative sector
examining project proposals and advising on their viability or otherwise
formulating project requests for assistance from aid/donor agencies
examining feasibility studies of co-operative projects
project implementation
providing sectoral inputs to and participate at the level of bilateral joint-commission meetings
assessing prospects for the development of the co-operative sector, identifying problems connected with this sector and advising on the policy measure to be taken.
providing and maintaining up-to-date and reliable information on the co-operative sector