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Functions of the Cooperatives Division

The Cooperatives Division has the following main functions:

1. Provision of legal and institutional framework for cooperatives and cooperative development

2. Devising and implementing policies to ensure the development of a modern, viable and sustainable of cooperative movement

3. Formation and registration of cooperative societies

4. Supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the activities of cooperative societies

5. Implementation of projects for the development of the cooperative sector

6. Audit of financial statements of cooperative societies

7. Support to cooperative organisations for the implementation of their plans and projects

8. Operating incentive schemes for the benefit of cooperatives societies

9. Seeking financial and technical assistance from foreign and local donor agencies for the implementation of cooperative projects

10. Provision of infrastructural facilities to cooperative societies

11. Provision of marketing outlets to cooperative societies

12. Provision of education and training to the cooperative movement

The Cooperatives Division consists of the following Sections/Units:

a) The General Administration Section;

b) The Human Resources Section;

c) The Finance Section;

d) The Procurement and Supply Section;

e) The Cooperative Societies Section;

f) The Cooperative Development Unit; and

g) The Cooperative Audit Unit


- Administration Section

• To achieve the goals and objectives of the Cooperatives Division.

• Advice on related policies and strategies.

• Ensure that customer requirements are met.

• Provide administrative support for the effective implementation of projects, activities and for the smooth running of the organization.

- Human Resources Section

• Advise management on policies and issues pertaining to human resources.

• Ensure that rules, regulations and other practices relating to human resources are correctly interpreted and implemented.

• Ensure that reforms in Human Resource Management Information System and Performance Management System are carried out effectively.

• Ensure that Human Resource matters and problems are dealt, processed and approved within one (1) week except for cases which involve consultations with other Ministries/Departments.

- Finance Section

• Ensure that bills/claims for services rendered to the Cooperatives Division are transmitted within one week of the Accountant-General’s Department for payment, provided all relevant receipts/invoices are submitted.

- Procurement and Supply Section

• Ensure that planning and procurement of goods and services are effected in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and Regulations.

• Manage the warehouse for store items.

• Ensure that tenders and quotations are prepared, examined and awarded within time schedule.

- Cooperative Societies Section

• Ensure that co-operative societies operate in strict conformity with the Co-operatives Act 2016 and other relevant subsidiary legislation.

• Advise on legal and policy matters concerning cooperative societies.

• Ensure that records regarding list of societies and their categories (active, dormant and deregistered/liquidated) are updated every year.

• Sensitize and raise awareness among the population at large on the benefit of cooperatives.

- Cooperative Development Unit

• Assist in the formulation of policies and preparation of programmes for the development of the cooperative sector.

• Formulate, implement and monitor national cooperative development projects.

• Provide guidance and support to cooperative societies for the implementation of their plans and projects.

• Coordinate cooperatives activities with other Ministries and institutions.

• Assist cooperatives in the drafting of their project write-ups to seek assistance from aid/donor agencies, and to request for lease of state land and loans from financial institutions.

• Seek financial and technical assistance from foreign and local donor agencies for implementation of cooperative projects and coordinating such assistance.

• Provide inputs and coordination of activities in connection with programmes under bilateral commissions.

- Cooperative Audit Unit

• Carry out audit of cooperative societies and submit relevant reports.

• Review and update the audit approach and procedures.

• Ensure that the quality and sufficiency of audit evidence are maintained in accordance with co-operative legislation.

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