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  ​> Provision of legal framework for cooperative societies

  > Registration of cooperative societies

  > Implementation of projects and programmes and operation of schemes for the development of the cooperative sector

  > Provision of free Audit Services in accordance with the Co-operatives Act 2016 and the Co-operatives (Annual Revenue of Society) Regulations 2017

  > Provision of an online platform for the registration and submission of financial statements by cooperative societies

  > Monitoring and supervision of the activities of cooperative societies

  > Fiscal incentives
          - No stamp duty is levied on:
                 (a) an instrument executed by the cooperative society and; 
                 (b) an instrument executed by a member in relation to business transacted with the society, in accordance with its rules.
          - No fee is payable by any cooperative society under any enactment relating to registration dues, transcription or inscription fees, except on deed of transfer witnessing the transfer of a motor vehicle.
         - Cooperators producing up to 60 tonnes of sugar are exempted from payment of income tax.

  > Provision of infrastructural facilities, marketing outlets and a “Co-op Moving Forward Together” logo to cooperative societies

  > Provision of project write-up services to cooperative societies